Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Depressing Dr. pepper

I am drinking Dr. Pepper for lunch.

I think there is some kind of cruel chemical that is put into water when school starts.
Monday-no school. Woke up to alarm, went walking, did some weights and came home before family was awake. no problem

Tuesday-First day of school and it was a bear to wake up

Wednesday-Worst than Tuesday. Woke up the kids in order to leave.

Maybe its just knowing that the next 9 months you are being scheduled and summer is a bit more free flow. Either way I am not a fan of this current situation.

Today I got to have a yummy breakfast with the lovely e and cousins. With my oldest now in school full day my day feels less hurried-so even though my body has been a bear to move in the morning the day is a lot more low key. My second will be starting kindergarten part day next week and matching playdates for her is a lot simpler she in general enjoys company as well and understand social cues a bit better.

I know its not a good day when for Lunch what I decide I want to have is a Dr. pepper. Not just because I hate Dr. Pepper but also because I kind of had sworn off coke....because besides being a smidge of a shopoholic I am a bit obsessive about eating. I go through phases of not being very hungry but eat to keep energy to be hungry all the time. And then especially around baby box madness I am an endless pit. And for someone who is not-how should I say this-athletic or in general is not in my best interest to just eat all day-that is not good for anyone.

I know it is dependent on my mood as well but as I told my husband earlier this week "I knew I would be depressed with this move and it would be hard....but I was kind of hoping I would be depressed and lose my at least I lost some weight as a consolation prize". He was not amused. But as usual I can laugh at my own jokes so it made my brain smile-even if he was not betwixed by my chubby funny girl charm.

Moving is lonely. I know from experience that usually good friends take time and that not to expect to make besties the minute you move in. Even if you are in fairly friendly neighborhood relationships just take time and with summer just getting over and school starting I know other moms are busy with their schedules.

Because I know I love to be around people I make it a point to get out and smile and talk with people and with not having a strong network in this new place  I have been making some attempts to get some forced socialization in-because I know I am happier this way.

I have applied to volunteer at the animal shelter and been looking into book clubs.

I just got an email this morning that unfortunately, the book club I had inquired about it is full-and it was a kind letter-it is a ginormous group.

 But then I think about my next steps. What if the humane society doens't want me? (I really just want to love on some cats and be with other people and I feel it shows how determined I am because most animal fanatics are borderline personalities-with the exception of some friends whom I love that I know-and taniaml fanatics tend to have different set of social skills).

So for plan C;
It sounds like I Just need to force others to socialize with me. If nothing is firmed up in a couple of weeks (there has to be other lonely souls out there who love company right?) It sounds like I need a few more volunteer applications (and no at this point I am not very interested in being involved in the PTA as unfortunate as that sounds)

However,I dont' feel like its always the best time when you are somewhat desperate for friendship to look for it (just like finding love when you are desperate you are willing to take what you can get in that department).

I will try to make all advertisements for friendship not sound creepy if it comes to plan R, S, or T-I promise. I really do not plan on making any people skin outfits ("it will put on the lotions!!")

There has to be someone out there who wants to come over and have me feed them Dr. Pepper for lunch-right? Right.

So, while I plot my next move to become engaged in this new rancid weather state I'll continue trying to curb my shopoholicism and do crafts and art at home with my 5 year old....with the occasional tript o Ikea for picture frames (they have to go somewhere right?)

My husband asked what I was going to do when I was all done decorating (the only thing right now I really am looking forward to) and I couldn't answer him but maybe what I should have said was "Learn how to make homemade Dr. pepper".

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  1. Ha!! I totally would've laughed, because secretly all woman want to lose their appetite!:) you are such a funny person and I know you will make great friends and then you will be begging for some quiet and alone time:)! Have you thought about becoming an aide at your kids school? It's a paid position and you make a ton of friends! It's just nice to get out and socialize:). I hope you get to volunteer at the animal shelter.