Thursday, July 31, 2014

First world Problems

Have you already seen this video? I love it.

Is it Okay to cry when you get a bad nail job? Like as in my hands look like hobbit paws smeared in white orc paint. Even typing right now is a bit hard since my nails are so short. Must...keep..typing..(finger-No, clumsy little hobbits don't type...or wear shoes precious).

This morning did not start off terrible. I say morning as in the 7am time I woke up. And considering I can't fall asleep to nearly midnight this is a big deal. Its a good reason to drink a lot of water (or martinelli's that was left out and was out of fizzz but guzzle ible due to the high sugar content my warped, aging 29 year old body craves hourly).

So I woke up, hubby was showering and my kids were sleeping in. Thinking no big deal I wake up my oldest because we had sport camp in about half an hour. Which was my first mistake. And if any of you have extra spirited kids who feel emotions INTENSELY-this was not going to be a good day. Wailing and gnashing of teeth insued on and off for about an hour. No, they were not going to camp that day. No, they hissed "You do it and I'll hate you!" Too late.

I wish I was at the point in parenting like when you get used to a colicky baby (and no colicky baby does not mean they mew to eat or when they are tired...that is not colicky). Your baby screams and your brain turns kind of numb to it and you are like "well, let's do this then-I'm just going to have to try everything and wait for you to stop crying (etc etc I am not going to go into detail about this-yes everything was ok health wise for them).

Anyways, I am not at a numb point when my kid tantrums. It is still really grating. Sure its been weeks since its happened-and yes we have had multiple opinions about how to help them etc etc. But I really think its us parents who need those extra coping tools.

And here is where the First world problem theme prances in my head. Ya, my kid is being crazy etc and it, is so tiring sometimes inside my head to listen to but he has a weekend with Grandma (3 days of kid freeness and lots of dates with my hubby!)

Thats right. Along with this terrible Utah package I get some great family nearby who loves my kids and-knowing the extra care some of them need-still want to love and nurture they can have great Grandma and Grandpa time.

So by the time I drop them off do my errands (and ahem-eat late) I am feeling all sorry for myself and my arm is driving me mad! ( please read that in a Queens accent). I got a spider bite sometime yesterday (The devil's servants from hell) and I am for sure allergic to this one. The thing has ballooned on my arm and from about the wrist to the middle of my bird wings it is constantly itching and burning (oh, and little blisters on the top of the poison site).

So I am like "I'm going to get my nails done!"  (as middle class white women do who are stay at home moms on a mini vacation) and I go and endure a deep nail clipping and nail dust smeared into my hands with sticky lotion to be asked to pay 34 dollars when last time I went it was 25 for an amazing experience. So, I am sure I had a stink face on (I can't hide my displeasure well) but in the end was told it was a "communication and to pay just 25". So I pay and tip (and now feel a little guilty about only giving 10% tip).

And I am on the brink of tears while I drive my minivan home. Thats right-apparently nails are the things that can break the camels back (PMS anyone?)

I stop at the mailbox to pick up the mail and there is a big red truck parked in front of me (facing the wrong direction on the street) looking down at something. I get my mail and get back in my car and for a moment dramatize staring him down and asking if he wants to play a game of chicken. Because I am totally sure I would win against the Unnecessarily hoisted up red truck which gets 12 miles a gallon. If I didn't' win-at least I would have spent less in gas.

So to answer my rhetorical question "yes." I can cry...because well..I already did but I'd rather have bad nails be a the scapegoat to breaking down in front of my kids rocking in the corner during another tantrum (anyone seen the movie "Mental?") Ha! I can hear the sound of music playing the background now and wish I could sing at the top of my lungs in my underwear.

Today has been a little bit of a sucky day but lets be honest. If my worst concerns of today directly are a tantrum and hobbit man hands then the world hasn't ended.....yet.

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