Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mostly vanity

You know what? After this 3rd baby I have made a special effort to put myself together every morning.

People said to me right after having him-you look great! All dressed for the day!

My response "Because I do not want to pass the mirror and feel like the crypt keeper!"

I am pretty honest about being vain. If you want to wear birkenstocks with cracked dry heels and no bra and that makes you happy then fine.

For me. I have been using antiwrinkle cream since I was 20.

Yes, for vanity reasons! Why else would someone do it.

I have the feeling that I am going to be the obese older lady who gets a facelift to look younger. I am not going to have a raw avacado for breakfast  and eat all fresh everyday to help stay looking healthy and younger...I'll take the knife thank you and the norco I am pretty sure they would prescribe.

Because I am  bit more of a lazy vain.

So sometimes I want to make a list of advice for new moms or even moms who have just had a baby

"if it is a chore and you don't want to do it...don't do it"

"if you are feeling yucky try wearing blush. Just blush. If you aren't a makeup person just try it. It does make a difference. Not bronzer...I repeat not bronzer but blush"

"Make sure to shower everyday. Cleaning your person and shaving (if you are into that-I have recently discovered not everyone is) makes you feel human. We do not have cat tongues,"

I would much rather spend time getting myself ready for the day than cleaning up my house
This is the kitchen on a good day.

To all the adults who keep things clean. You are welcome. 
Its like when I watch hoarders. It makes me want to clean something

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