Friday, September 26, 2014


There is something very cool to me about running. Like if someone says they are a runner I kind of automatically they are very determined put together person.
Most runners I see...maybe I should say "have seen" (my neighborhood I see no runners, San Diego there were zillions...along with dog walkers...) but Most runners I see wear tightly fit athletic clothing.

I recently got a treadmill from amazon. It was a low priced one with good reviews and it was under 400 dollars. I was pretty excited because as a person who deals with depression and some anxiety and like many other people I have stresses in my life. I am not built for running but I do enjoy (when I acclimate to it) a nice thumping pace  where afterwards my body is tired and sweaty but it feels like my body moved and tired out from something "productive".

So anyways, my merswah put together the treadmill in the basement for me. It is positioned near a wall, where I hope to one day have television televised on a small tv. The first time I used it-I was not only ill prepared but forgot that if you haven't ran for 2-3 months your body is going to have to work up to it again. I was got so hot and sweaty and did mostly quick walking.

So, me being the thinker-decided that having a treadmill in the basement of my home was going to liberate me from the restraints of certain clothings that going to a public gym puts on you.
So, the next night  and with team effort I put on my sports bra and a pair of cut off sweat shorts-that I found on clearance at old navy- and trotted down to the treadmill to work out.

It was going to be freeing and cooler and I could just feel my hidden ab muscles flexing as I started to job (aka 3.7 on my permanantly inclined treadmill).

Something I didn't realize at the time, when I was putting on above shorts is that when you wear shorts exposing flesh...that flesh rubs. And when that now rubbed flesh gets sore really fast.

I am not going to say chubby girls shouldn't wear shorts running but I will say that I should not be wearing shorts again while running unless I learn to walk/jog like a cowboy-all bowlegged.

And although when I am 80 and my diaper is full I might be more naturally inclined that way I think its best if I just swear off the short.

$7.49 of shorts wasted. That could have bought me like 6 cokes at Mcdonald's or like.....1/4 tub of lipsitck from chanel.

Oh well, you live you learn and then buy a bottle of vaseline (which I am hoping might make me run faster as well...kind of like how in National Lampoon Christmas Vacation the snow saucer gets all buffed  and waxed and zips around skidding around corners)...Ya. I 'm pretty sure thats my plan for tomorrow.

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