Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Oh man-one day I will have soundbites on my computer. I will also in this UFO type future get to spend my nights commenting on commerials. Like a mystery science theatre thing. Even if it wasn't like a real show it would be so, much fun.
I am an English Major's worst nightmare. I mean...well, me and Curious George-he might have me beat.
Either way, I love writing and I hate editing. That is the worst.
Its like making a beautiful, chocolate cake, so delicious lookin' (oh snap to you English comp teacher!) and then you sit down to eat it and you have someone oc'd ing on your eating. Barking things like: use a napkin! hold your fork right! don't drop crumbs!
The weather in this ol country state is chilly. I've seen people in snowish jackets and a man with hairy arms in cargo shorts, sandals and tank top. I myself am wearing my boots and a sweater (with my hairy arms covered).

Last week it got to the 90's and despite my scowling and hissing and renting of my coats the rain and clouds came to poop out their despair. OH San Diego!
This transitioning has been hard. Mostly because when the week is this weather its not like "oh we are having a cold spell" its like "dun dun dun!!!-Winter is coming all you MotherFathers" and then it does the big KISS tongue wag.

My new neighborhood is nice. Lots of smiling people. I think the size of houses (or amount of kids that are within them) keep a lot of the adults lurking in the kitchens of their home all day. From the porch out my back door I can see into about 8 different neighbor's backyards. And I am happy to announce that today, for the first time I saw an adult women in the backyard behind me. I know I've gabbbed about it before but you always see random kids running around, you can hear them crying, yelling, laughing etc but an adult is a rare occassion in this neighborhood (which still gives more credit to my suspicion of alien's running the neighborhood in child bodies). And I know the women who emerged from her home a few minutes ago was human because she was not smiling while she took out the trash. And human's know not to smile while taking out the trash.

I have a lot of people ask me how I am settling in. And I picture that much like a cat would wonks around in a small circle, sits down, readjusts, starts kneading, gets up again and finds a new spot to sit in. And then every now and then there is a breeze that cackles up the cat's fur and it has to readjust. That is how I feel. I don't know if I will ever be settled in but I think I can get comfortable enough. I wish settling was just hoping and praying-because I definitley do that-its I think more a feeling of contentment and I am not sure at this point if I will ever have that here.

I know, I know, besides all the grammatical errors I insist on having in my writing  and dramatic views about how I feel. I always think-well usually think-its best to be honest. I think that people at times are too selfish with their feelings. I think sometimes we as people are overprotective of our feelings. We don' want them to get hurt so we don't share them. But there is no such thing as a weak feeling. I definitley think people need to hone their feelings and how they react to them but I think that if we were more of a sharing community we would be more empathetic. And if we all did this I am pretty Sure God would then Say "awww look at all the nice people! Ok ok, everyday can be like San Diego and here's some chocolate cake".

And if God did that for me-I know he would get Curious George the desperate help he needs with his good English.

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