Friday, July 25, 2014

The Californians

I grew up with a few stereotypes of Utah. I visited Utah quite a few times before moving here nearly 10 years ago after getting married and given a more selfish and shortsighted choice I would not have moved back (I know boohoo for me my husband has a great job and we get a very quiet neighborhood).

I don't think it is even California that has stereotypes of Utah but I do think Californians basically it is the best place to live (which besides its government and taxes) it is the best state but we don't need to get all technical about how awesomness of my home state.

A few stereotypes are that everyone is Mormon (not true) and that there is bigger hair here (true although it seems less common in the less rural areas) and that everyone has lots of kids (when I say lots I mean more than 4)-which I don't know about most of Utah but I do know so far my experience has been that is common to see larger of families God bless those moms.

Some things I didn't' expect when I first moved here and then looked forward when returning is that most the people who work in retail or at the grocery store are adorable happy people. Same for so much of my fast food experience here. The parks here are not full of Grandmas and Grandpas watching their grandkids or a mom twice my age who seems more paranoid then I am about germs at the park-that being said I am pretty sure if I was a 40 year old mom I can only imagine I would be more paranoid of germs especially with the possibility of an alien HOST invasion-for real my baby would be in like 4 layers of Juicy Couture baby sized velour suits wearing a helmet and amber beads
and I would have had to leave my 3 karat diamond at home so it wouldn't scratch the baby while I circled around her football linebacker backer style while she ran around in her mini prada ballet flats.

I can only imagine if I was starting to have kids a lot older that I would be way weirder than I am now...also I might have nicer clothes.

I did not expect in my life to get married young. I never had a dream wedding or dream husband (well I should say I did think making out all the time would be fun) but I knew I wanted children. I thought I would get married older. I would say mid 20's (the age I was when my second was born).  But when I met this Utah man I literally prayed that if he didn't' want to marry me I was convinced that I would never marry anyone else in my entire life-and that was ok but I wanted to assurance from God that he would help me heal and continue on.  (Have you caught any hints that I am ahem...sometimes dramatic?)

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