Thursday, February 7, 2013


When did THAT happen!!?

I had to make a major clarification the other day. Have you ever heard of the pull and lift? I learned this from my very posh grandmother when my older sister got her first bra.

I was a late bloomer so it wasn't until I was about 14 that I needed anything other than a sporstbra and then it was all downhill (literally) after having kids.

I tried a shirt on that I had just bought to show Mermis (husband) and after blink and short scrutiny he said "I think it will fit better when you have a bra on"

Who knew.
I felt the same way when trying on a pair of pants. Except with the pants it was like....It might fit better if I wear spanx.
Thats Cool, I'll stick with my trendy yoga pants and elastic thank you very much.

My kids didn't breastfeed long. I was not a milk producer for much more than 4 months and I have no regrets about it.

Before Kids not wearing a bra wasn't something I did regularly but I didn't NEED a bra. They knew where they were supposed to be and they stayed there.

Oh honey has age and elasticity changed. Now I understand the pull and lift.

Someone I have always loved and looked up to in so many ways asked me the other day when this topic came candidly up "Do you still buy 60 dollar bras?" And I was like Yes!

I have a small rib cage (like size 30-32)** and Heaven knows I don't want anything falling underneath while I am reaching the top shelf at target the get the size of diapers I need.

My kids are way to observant and as I tell my 5 year old when he tries to come in when I am getting dressed "Stay out its personal space while mom gets ready"

and then the inevitable


"Because I don't want you to remember any of this....and you will thank me for that one day"

I am not embarrassed of being a woman. Actually I am quite grateful to be a woman. I would not ever want a hairy butt or ear hair or long nostril hair or have to pee in front of people in a urinal. Nope I am content and happy being a woman.

That being said I am learning as I get older that I am a bit more vain than I thought I was say when I was 20 years old.

And also to remember to try on shirts with your bra on.

**If you are any kind of double cup I recomend these brands
Freya-great fit and shape
Natori-although the band runs bigger and tend to stretch out more
Nordstrom carries them as does (Nordstrom has free returns in stores unlike bare necessities)

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