Friday, February 22, 2013

On the job training

So I've not been a career mom for that long.

Being a mom is a lot of on the job training. Take all the psychology classes, read all the child books and still you will come to situations where you are like "Wuhh?"

Yes, that is how it is spelled, calm down.

I am awe and jealousy of so many moms I love and know.

That mom who is like "ya I had a salad for lunch, Gosh I forgot to eat breakfast and we are having hummus for dinner"

Not because it seems she should be eating more its because I think "How does she forget to eat?????" I dont' know how that is possible, don't you get moody? I think about food all day. Sometimes when my husband is travelling for work I buy special treats that I look forward to everyday. The eating kind that is.

The mom whose kids are all put together with hair in ponytails or gelled with  matching shoes. Or all the kids are color coordinated for church.

Not because I think it makes them a perfect family but because I think "Geez, maybe I don't  have enough staying power to not let my kids pick out their clothes" I mean ya, I have some rules. "No babe you can't wear your bathing suit, and your brothers sweat pants and my, its too hot outside-you are going to get all sweaty".

Or the mom who just pops out babies. Like seriously, timed, consistent has a baby every two years or less and is "thinner and fitter after 5 months than she was before having any of her kids". It seems so simple and I guess in some ways it is. Just not for me.

Phew. There is a lot out there I admire and at times feel hindered in my capabilities when over analyzing their capabilities.

But I had a wonderful thing said to me.

When picking up my son from this AMAZINGLY themed birthday party, superhero, I mean like for real, everything was themed and set up and all worked out with the beautiful cake I was just in awe and another mom (after me sharing my incapability for such awesomeness) said "EH, its not your special talent you have other stuff".

And I thought "Aha!" I liked that.

Its like you know things like that but sometimes it takes someone to just say it simply for it to click.

Everyone has their special mom talents.

Messes don't really bother me. I have paint stained carpet, marker colored walls (which by the way have not been coming off with magic eraser).

I let my kids "win" there is a lot of really important things in life, in teaching kids, but really some of them shouldn't be a battle. Sometimes you should have a cupcake before breakfast.

in comparison to some of the other mommies out there who might possibly be better at this career path than I am my special talents are phlamy but God has blessed me to have them and I think as a mom the best I (we) could do is to pray to do better than we thought we could.

I love parenting books, some better than others. Some contradict what another says but I like getting information about just about anything and finding if it can help anything in my life. To me its on the job training.

I know that along with prayer and my personal meditation, reflection and maybe taking some of those other mommies talents and seeing if they might implement in my life (forgetting to eat wont' be one of them) without  much hardship then it is is good thing.

I never thought I would be jealous of another mom's ability to throw a mean birthday or color coordinate her kids and have them wear what she picked out but-like I said-I have a lot more training to do

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