Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What the Flagnod

My nieces both who watch spongebob were the first to share this lovely phrase with me. And I have said it more than once in my head, out loud and in smothered tones while certain small persons carry flour and sugar to their playroom with their bare hands...AGAIN.

March is not just a month of kissing Irishmen (preferably with rippling muscles) or painting your nails green, or promising that you are going to eat spinach on St Patty's to make up for all that ice cream you gorged on last night after the kids were finally down and hubby wanted to workout and you decided to keep typing on the computer.....

I have no idea how the time has gone by so fast without me knowing it. I have no idea how my daughter grew a whole shoe size in a month and "What the flag nod!" when the heck did we ever finish Christmas?

My life flashes in front of me and I panic a little. This is what it feels like to get old. I am not even 30 and I start feeling menopause crushing my hormones and giving me night sweats. I think this was my aha moment. I am officially officially a crazed minivan mom. Sigh.

I don't like time going by so fast. I don't have a choice how fast it goes by but I do with how I spend it. Tonight I spend it drinking a delicious slushy from Sonic. And tomorrow and the next I hope I take better care to keep track of what we are doing in our lives and recording it. Because when I wake up after the blitz of holidays and frantic shopping and family visiting stressing (like major stressing-even if I love it) it is already Green season-taxes-warmer weather.

And next year when this March comes around again I hope-I hope that I've found an even better place for myself and enjoying even more my very busy, very trying and very wonderful family. And to make it a goal to learn new verbage from scholastic books rather than cartoon influenced nieces.

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