Friday, July 30, 2010

Sneeky treats

With kids I have learned to be sneaky and I am still deciding if it is proper or not. I say this as I am sitting with my back striaight chair legs tucked neatly behind me-crossed and sipping Earl Grey.

Ben and Jerry's was on sale at the grocery store and I bought it for the nutritional value of course. Chunky monkey (fruit) Half baked (wheat bread) Phish food (Omega 3) and double chunk fudge (this was my husbands and I definitley tisked him for eating something so unhealthy).

Is it wrong for me not to want to share these treats with my kids? I am sure most would say no but then again would most wait until the kids are in bed to eat them?

What about if your kids don't always take naps. What if you decide you want Phish food for dinner? What if your husband comes home and asks "Where are the three containers of such and such-I wanted some?

You hide. You learn to be sneeky and to be honest it feels really good.

I imagine myself smearing myself in old milk and cheerios to camoflauge with the ground. Using my spreadable belly skin to suction cup to the walls and spider man it to the freezer.

"AAAAAh No sister!" covers the creak of the freezer door as cool air penetrates my nervous skin. I grab my pint and inch toward the silverware drawer. Blue and black eyes laser beam my hand and I drop the spoon

"NOOOOOO!" I yell as the water spotted spoon looks up at me and delicious jerry and I see a trickle of tear run down his silvery face.

"Will I make it?" I think to myself.

Will we all survive?


So I stuff my special someth'n someth'n back in the freezer and encourage my kids to read their books.

And as Blue eye's little sister is about to take his toy they both get distracted again by another confrontation and I (knowing better) quickly grab my clattered spoon and save Jerry and tell my kids turning my head to the side so they don't see the bite I've taken "I've got to take care of something in my room I'll be back soon".

Exhale Jerry and I are alone at last.

Maybe for you it isn't ice cream. Maybe it is keeping the twilight series in the bathroom and for some reason it is taking an extra long amount of time in the powder room.

Sometimes sneeky feels reaaaally good. In a day of Toddler and/or baby routine it often pays to be sneeky. And if your lucky you win treats.

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