Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It hissed at me

I got one of those glade sensor air fresheners and Hubby walked by it a couple weeks ago and kind of gave a jump when it went off "It hissed at me" he said. That made me laugh and ever since then I think of him saying that and it makes me giggle inside.

I know that he is thinking of that tonight "it hissed at me". Today I wore my grumpy goggles. They feed impulses into my brain and bloat my tummy and give me cramps all day and a voracious appetite. The kids more prodomniatley Smandrew did not take nap(s) today and I was going cocoo for cocoa puff as lido would put it.

Having kids all day from 7am-8pm non-stop makes the grumpy goggles fog up and life seems quite a bit less happy. Hubby just informed me as I was sitting rocking buggy to sleep that "He couldn't deal with me anymore" I cried of coarse mostly because I was embarassed and agreed. I totally understood what he meant. And with all that moisture in my goggles I had to take them off and calm down for a bit. Refocus. I had been hissing at him since he had been home. Even when I tried to run away (or as he would say abandon them) and went into the computer room to order pizza online for dinner he followed me in and I just about freaked out I wanted to scream and cry "I just want to be left alone and have quiet for 5 minutes!!! Please! I am going crazy!"
But I didn't instead I hissed at him and told him to leave me alone I could take it anymore (sounds kind of the same right?)

Ugh, I am glad today is over with and tomorrow is a new day. The pizza by the way was disgusting just FYI don't order the hand tossed from Pizza hut. Really don't order greasy food for dinner when you already aren't feeling that great.

The battle of the emotions begins and for the next week I will have to keep my goggles in check beccause it will be that long until uhumm is over with and my body calms down.

Normal Mariah has thought of some things that makes her laugh and wanted to document them (because you have to admit-talking in the 3rd person about yourself totally makes you seem more sane and points plausible)

A little list of the moments that have made me laugh really hard.:

Laying next to Smandrew and he touches the mole on my cheek "hmm" he says and then proceeds to try and get it off with a very concerned face

My little niece eating chocolate cake and me teasing her asking "Did you eat some cake?" "No..." "Who did it?" " The rat" while she had cake all over her face

Kalon and I laying in bed and I went to put my leg over his and he flicked his leg up so fast and pushed mine back down
"Cat like reflexes" he said (like in the old car commercial)

In Idaho and on a trip to Starbucks with hubby and Dad. Dad is telling a joke and he is laughing hysterically at himself and his funniness which makes us laugh too. Then I say "You just crack yourself up don't you" and he wheezes out through laughing hysteria " I know....I just can't even stand myself"!

My sister in law playing rock band. My hubby and her hubby (my brother) convince her that in order to change the menu options she needs to talk into the microphone which she does while my brother controls it with his remote control. She responds about how cool it is etc etc. They eventually let her know that is not how it works and even though I would have totally done the same thing-it is still hilarious to me to think about

Life is good, sometimes People suck and most of the time dancing and music make it better.
Next time someone, or something hisses at you remember We are all allowed to be crazy once in a while and if it persists tel them to take off the grumpy goggles and calm down and I would reccomend offering to buy them a treat. Like how you would bribe an angry dog to look the other way with a big raw, meaty bone.


  1. 1) I love you dear friend!

    2) Talking in the 3rd person or better yet thru a stuffed monkey is definitely the best (we may or may not have a monkey webkin that commutes with us and helps us detox from from work)

    3) We definitely all have those moments. We both seem to be blessed with calm husbands to balance out our grumpy goggles. Most of the time they let us be, and then sometimes they shake us in a way we didn't even realize we needed--but [eventually] we love them all the more for it (even if they can't read our minds like we need/expect).

    4) People are definitely like dogs and just need a distracting treat. At least women. In fact everything you said couldn't be more true.

    5) Please tell me you have the Wii story on video :)