Monday, December 28, 2009

25 going on 30?

Merry Christmas my fellow momma elves!
I have to say mine was pretty awesome. My felt hat did get puked on and my knickers received little action besides scuffing against cupboards and stretching from food, but we had visitors.

I recently packed away my striped socks and sung the last jingle bells. Santa fled the coop yesterday and although I love him it was nice to have my house back to semi normal again. This time of year I was grateful to have my family with me. The beautiful people I include in the 'Shmills' and most of all my health.

As I get older I am reminded that I can no longer stay up late. I can no longer eat lots of treats without frequent use of the restroom and that eggnog can't be eaten alone for breakfast.

It is especially this time of year when green is donned and the stockings are hung with care that I realize my body has slowed down. I have to start earlier and earlier to prepare for that years festivities.

Talking with my beautiful Sister in Law (who has animal kids only at the moment) I mention that even though I am only 25 I feel like I am 40. That when I read Harper's Bazaar I relate more to the 30's style guide then the 20's.
"Well, you are closer to 30 then young 20's"


and then I said I feel like I've aged way faster since having kids

"Well, kids do age you, but I don't think its 10 years"


"I would say 5 years"

(SO I AM 30 ?????)

Oh brother call my vein, but seeing the wrinkles form under my eyes and the way my forehead creases I wonder what I will look like at 50!

This was an ephiphany I did not want to have.

I feel like I have been stuck in this weird "I don't know how to dress my age rut" for years.

I was married at 19 and would still shop in the juniors department at Nordstrom. And although I turned 20, 10 days later I still felt young.

I wore dress clothes for the next three years of my life and then was at home with a new little man and I felt I hit a midlife crisis. What do I wear? I am a mom, I don't want to be a frumpy one, but what the heck do I wear? I feel I am way too old for Abercrombie head to toe and jeans and ugg boots 24/7

After Having buggy and feeling older I feel even more confused. What is age appropriate when you are not young 20's but not yet middle 30's????

OYYY...... (by the way does anyone know what that means?)

So this Christmas I not only celebrated the birth of my Savior Jesus Christ, but the death of a salesman....wait thats not right.

The death of the young 20 year old Mariah.

I had of coarse culturally acceptable burning of the body inside the castle, but just before being killed I was saved by a little hobbit...wait thats not right.

Anyways. Now that my elf outfit is in storage what do I put on next? It is too early to be wearing my red heart teddy for Valentine's and I am too old for my footed pj's.


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