Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mommy friends

It is so important as a Mommy to have friends. I think not only does it keep you in check but it gives you someone to relate to.

It can be a hard match to find a great mommy friend. Honestly since my move to our current house I have not had that best extremely close in location mommy friend. I wish I had one and I still have my besties I made from my other areas of living but it can make a big difference in your life and the life of your kids.

Things I miss about having that closely located bestie

-You can call her and be like "Can we come over-things are a little sketchy over here and I need you to smile at me and my kids to have different toys to play with" and she says yes.

-You call her and she can say "NO, you are not crazy, those kids are being crazy-thats cool eat that ice cream tonight-I'll come over and eat some with you" or hot chocolate (starbucks date!)

-Maybe you get to work out together.

-She thinks you are super-even though you know you have lots of growing to do-she still loves and likes you

I have found with some friendships you have to try it out. Your schedules have to sync somewhat so you actually get to see each other, your kids need to get along and-at least for me-your parenting styles can't be too different. If I am over at your house and you put your 2 year old in time out for spilling something in a cup thats a deal breaker. They are 2 person calm down.

Also you can't can't come over and want to clean my house or notice all the dirty things in my house, helping I can see but not on our first mommy date, that is awkward.

Also for me I want you to be better at some things than me and honestly maybe a little worse than me at some things. Power matching. I am not sure we can be best friends if you are always shaven, unmakeuped and never frustrated-I mean surely don't think everything is awful al the time but if life is always amazing and perfect I simply dont' believe you. We can be friends but not besties.

In short (which I know I never am). We've got to try it out and see if we mutually can share with eachother without pushing. That is my experience. I want to be comfortable being myself around you and I want you to feel the same way.

And although I dont' have my close proximity bestie (I'm talking 1 minute commute time driving) I have realized that the ones I do have-although live far away now-I can still call and be like "The children are driving me mad!"

So if you are sitting at home feeling like you have no bestie mommy friends have no fear it will happen one day and if possible I reccomend finding a mommy group near you or library reading hour that you could take your little one to. There is something so healing and refreshing to be around other moms. You dont' have to like everyone or become friends with everyone you meet but eventually after trying out (I recommend a park date first) after a few, you may find someone you want to hang out with more and together you can continue raising your awesome kids with a little extra sparkle and cherry on top.

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