Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I recently read a couple articles in some fashion magazines that I like. One was an interview with Gisele (soon after having her baby) and the other was with Heidi Klum. Both beautiful both supermodels. Both soon after having babies in bikinis and looking great. But both of which gain what is needed for their babies (not 40 or 50lbs) and workout and eat really well to be able to do so. They don't treat their bodies like garbage bags.

Since having my first baby I have still not figured out the balance of all done up or nothing done. I went from working and being dressed stylishly in tailored clothes. Make-up and Hair done everyday to being at home and rarely sporting make up and definitley never tailored clothing.

I had an ephiphany a few days ago when I was discussing this very topic with my sister/confidant/person who tells me how it is and I still love her. "We aren't all Gisele's. Yes you should do your make up"

And I was a bit disappointed. Sure I see magazines and know that that isn't my body type or bone structure. Even if I worked out and lets saw got really fit I would never have long lean legs. But it is still sad to me to finally come to terms with this fact. There is as part of me that really did want to think "Well if I did get really fit I would look like that".

Aww man. I really liked the fantasy that there are people out there who were sprinkled with extra lean dust in Heaven who can eat whatever they want, not workout, and still look fabulous.

So you mean in order to look our best we actually need to 'do' ourselves and nurture our bodies. Boring.

So as I mull this over and type this, listening to my baby girl learn to put herself to sleep and nudging my newly emptied snickers bar to get to the "Q" key I think "Its time to be your best self"

My body has changed a lot. Things are lower and I swear parts have moved completely since giving birth and I am still not used to it but I want to be my best self on the outside as well. It is something that is important to me so (Looong heavy sigh) I guess I actually need to put in the work and do it.

I guess its a lot like helping your baby go to sleep on her own. Some kids cry one night for 40minutes (My oldest) and wam bam they sleep through the night where as others (baby girl for example) take weeks to wean from being put down and falling
Why is it that fantasy can be so disappointing?

Some people naturally and I also think were nurtured to take care of their bodies and be active. They learn early on that work pays off. Where as people like me it takes a long time to finally break down and say "I am tired of feeling like I am wearing a fat suit so I am going to do something about it". It takes weeks to wean myself off of snacking all day and took a good 4 weeks of aerobics classes to realize that hard work feels wonderful and is very rewarding.

So if you are feeling disappointed about yourself break through your dark cloud of self doubt/fear/laziness and get your butt moving.

Life is meant to be enjoyed not be disappointed by.

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  1. Amen, I hear ya...all those words that equal complete agreement. I'm still annoyed with the doctor for not agreeing to do lipo when he was putting me back together in the O.R. I mean seriously, yes I gained 60lbs. But I went thru labor drug-free, pushed, and then ended up with a c-section. Seriously you can't do me that one teensy tiny little favor of getting rid of all this baby fat?! I suppose you would have a wise response of why that can't be. So why don't I move to San Diego and we can be work-out buddies again. XOXO - Sara